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Case Study: Camp Pendleton Connects Troops with Boingo

By Team Boingo
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One of the largest Marine Corps bases in the U.S. and the largest on the West Coast, Camp Pendleton covers over 125,000 acres of Southern California. With more than 40,000 active-duty personnel on base at once, Camp Pendleton is among the Department of Defense’s busiest installations with a broad spectrum of military training facilities for active and reserve Marine, Army and Navy units, as well as national, state and local agencies.



Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) wanted to provide much-needed Wi-Fi services to barracks and commercial spaces to improve the quality of life for troops on base. Connectivity was required to:

  • Deliver instant, fast broadband service
  • Have sufficient bandwidth to accommodate gaming, streaming, video calling, browsing and studying
  • Include portable features to suit troops’ lifestyles without contracts or installation appointments
  • Be installed with no trench digging
  • Handle high-capacity network demands and a high volume of traffic
  • Deliver connectivity in remote areas
  • Feature military-grade security



Leveraging a combination of advanced wireless services, Boingo designed, installed and manages a fast, secure base-wide Wi-Fi solution. Access points connect to a centralized controller from one building to another in a chain, moving up to the head-end, and then finally to the controller in a centralized data center. These link hops can range up to several miles, requiring a complex design with built-in network redundancies to ensure no overlap of frequencies. The result? Seamless and secure Wi-Fi coverage for troops.



Boingo’s Wi-Fi features are unlike traditional cable offerings. They put servicemembers first, designed with portable features to suit their on-the-move lifestyles. Troops simply sign up from their room and the service moves with them room to room, building to building and base to base—allowing them to connect with ease. And the Wi-Fi extends beyond the barracks and covers on-base schools, classrooms, dining facilities, gyms, recreational buildings, hotels and family housing.

In addition to Camp Pendleton, more than 70 U.S. military bases leverage Boingo wireless solutions.


Boingo Wi-Fi for Troops

Instant Access Wi-Fi That Moves Base to Base
Flexible Plans Access to 1M+ Hotspots Globally
No Installation Appointments or Charges No Data Caps
No Equipment Required No Contracts


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