Amex Terms and Conditions

The Boingo American Express Preferred Plan

Terms and Conditions

Boingo and American Express Preferred Plan Terms and Conditions

By clicking "Check Eligibility," you acknowledge and understand that you are submitting your Card number to Boingo, and understand that Boingo will send your Card number to American Express to verify that your Card number is eligible for this benefit. You also acknowledge and understand that, upon receipt of your Card number from Boingo, American Express will provide confirmation of your eligibility to Boingo. Boingo will not store or use your Card number for any other purpose. From time to time, Boingo may request you to re-authenticate your Boingo American Express Preferred Plan account in order to confirm that you are still an eligible Card Member.


The Boingo American Express Preferred Plan is being provided as a complimentary benefit to eligible American Express Card Members. To determine your eligibility, call the number on the back of your Card or visit

The Wi-Fi network service is provided by Boingo

By subscribing for this benefit, you acknowledge that American Express is neither responsible for nor guarantees the quality, security, coverage or availability of Boingo's network of Wi-Fi hotspots or partners, and you agree that use of the Boingo Wi-Fi network is at your own risk.

Use of the Wi-Fi services is governed by Boingo's terms

Your use of Boingo's Wi-Fi services is subject to Boingo's customer agreement, end user license agreement and other applicable legal terms and conditions, including Boingo's privacy and security policies available at You will be given the opportunity to review Boingo's customer agreement, end user license agreement and other applicable legal terms and conditions before you enroll for the Boingo American Express Preferred Plan.

Limit of 4 Devices

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in Boingo’s legal terms and conditions, eligible American Express Card Members (i) will not be charged for enrollment in the American Express Prefered Plan through Boingo, and (ii) will be permitted to connect no more than four devices at any time to the Wi-Fi network maintained by Boingo and its partners.

Changes to Boingo's Services & Hotspots

Available hotspots in Boingo's network are subject to change at any time. Visit for a complete listing of hotspots. The Boingo American Express Preferred Plan only provides access to land-based Wi-Fi services and does not include in-flight Wi-Fi.

Use of Wi-Finder tool is governed by third party's T & Cs

The network of partners that Boingo relies on to provide you with Wi-Fi access is maintained entirely by Boingo, although Boingo does not review the terms of use or make any other evaluation of any partners accessed through the Boingo Wi-Finder tool. As a consequence, any time you access a Boingo partner through the Boingo Wi-Finder tool, you are agreeing to terms that neither you nor Boingo has reviewed. Please carefully consider whether to use the Boingo Wi-Finder tool or continue to manually search for available networks.


In order to access any Boingo Wi-Fi hotspot for free through the Boingo American Express Preferred Plan, eligible Card Members will need to first enroll in the American Express Plan through Boingo and create a new account with Boingo. Enrollment in the Boingo American Express Preferred Plan is limited to authorized Card Members only.

Do you have an existing Boingo plan?

If you have an existing paid Boingo subscription plan, your existing plan will not be automatically cancelled when you enroll in Boingo's American Express Preferred Plan. If you would like to cancel your existing paid subscription plan, call Boingo's dedicated American Express Preferred Plan line at 1-800-426-6917.

Termination and Cancellation

This benefit is non-transferable and may be terminated for breach of any terms or conditions, as well as for abuse of your Boingo American Express Preferred account. This benefit is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Location data

By downloading the Boingo Wi-Finder tool you are giving BOINGO permission to access your locations.